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        來源: 2020-09-21 17:22:43
        KFC gate is now widely used, full of shops, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, banks, gas stations, service areas and so on.
        Careful people may find that these KFC doors open outward. What is the reason? Few people will think about it, but many people think that it is really troublesome to open the door outwards. You have to pull the door to open the door when you enter the store. However, the action of sliding the door is less comfortable than that of pushing the door. Subconsciously, it feels dangerous and close to the body. But when you go out, the situation changes. Just like the dangerous principle of the body, you will have a sense of smoothness.
        Specific reasons:



        1. The most important one is fire safety. On the one hand, the relevant national laws and regulations stipulate that when there is a large flow of people, if there is a fire, a large number of people will crowd out at the critical time. If it is driven inward, you can imagine that it is not easy to go out, not to mention a large number of evacuation.
        2. Style unity, this is the European style KFC door spread over and maintain a traditional style of KFC gate standard design.
        3. If the door is opened inward, it is difficult to close the door when the wind is strong, but if it is opened outwards, it will be closed when the wind is strong.
        4. In this way, the dust on the outside can also block it when the door is closed.
        5. Open to the outside, save indoor space, will not occupy the interior when opening the door.
        6. Then, if someone takes something out and takes more, he doesn't need to reach out and pull the door. He just pushes it with his elbow. It's very convenient to go out.
        7. When you enter the door, if you open it inward, you may bump into people in the store. If the people net inside is pushed outward, people outside will pull back when they approach the door, so it is not easy to be injured by accident.
        8. For air change, KFC door opens outwards. As soon as the door is pushed open, the air inside can be released together, and the air outside can be left in at the same time.
        Thank you for your reading. This article is from Jinan KFC doors and windows. For more information and questions, please click: http://www.craggymnastics.net We will continue to work hard to provide services for you, thank you for your support!
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