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      1. 春林門窗

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        來源: 2020-09-02 17:09:16
        It is hot in summer in the west, because the hot air will still be heated in the evening, so shading and ventilation must be considered. The sunlight room in the west is not useful when there is less sunshine in winter. The northern location is suitable for small offices, with almost no light, but good shadowless light, which can adjust the temperature or shade the sunlight at the entrance. The light makes the temperature of the sunlight room rise by 10 degrees in a short time, so you must consider its shape and setting.

        Although some rooms or balconies are facing the south, the sunlight is blocked by the adjacent walls due to the "step" shape on the side of the room; in order to increase the lighting surface, some rooms have windows or balconies made very deep, concave into the wall, which will directly affect the lighting and sunshine. Install the smart sunroof. It is usually installed on the top structural beam of sunlight house. The intelligent skylight can be stretched and contracted by electric or manual way. The intelligent skylight can achieve the function of sunshade when it is pulled and expanded.


        Compared with the curved arm type external sunshade system, the intelligent skylight is lighter, faster and more convenient to use, and the price is lower. The disadvantage is that the extension track device of the intelligent skylight on the structural beam of the sunlight room has a slight impact on the structural beauty. Due to the need for folding and contraction, the material of curtain fabric is relatively thin, and the gap between the sky curtains, the sunshade is not very sufficient. Clever use of air conditioning in the upper and lower scavenging, left and right, sleep and other functions, through the control of wind speed to control the indoor temperature, the air angle of the air conditioner is also very important, so good control of the air angle can play a good refrigeration effect in the room.
        Why should Dalian sunshine house pay attention to the windows and doors of glass house? As we all know, in the facade of glass house, the position of doors and windows is very important. We found that the quality of doors and windows of many glass houses directly determines the quality of glass houses. It is no exaggeration to say: the maintenance of glass house doors and windows also directly affects the maintenance of glass house.
        In view of this, we suggest that in daily use, we should always pay attention to whether there is a gap in the profile splicing of the frame and fan of the glass house doors and windows, the distortion and deformation of the profile of the flat open fan, and whether the sealing strip and rubber strip are deformed due to the cold expansion and heat contraction. And for hardware accessories, check whether there is burst, wear, dry (add lubricating oil) phenomenon. If problems are found, repair or replace parts in time to maintain doors and windows
        I believe the sunshine room in Jinan after reading this article http://www.craggymnastics.net After the introduction, we will have our own understanding of this aspect and solve the problems in the future.
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