Tumble Cubs:  These classes are offered for children 18 months to 3 years.  The children enjoy and experience an actual gymnastics workout while learning basic skills on all apparatus, how to stretch and beginning motor movements.  Tumble Cubs is an excellent opportunity to develop the thinking and memory process as well as social skills.  Parents will assist their child through class.

Tumble Bears:  These classes are offered to children between the ages of 3 & 4.  They work on all the basic skills required to be a top gymnast while having a great time learning.

Level 1 Girls:  We offer this class to children between the ages of 5 and 18 who have little or no gymnastic skills.  We teach the basic skills on all events in a safe and progressive manner.

Level 2 Girls:  This class is a continuation of our Beginners Program for the gymnast who has some experience.  Here students will learn the net series to be a top level gymnast.

Bronze Team:  This class works on routine construction with 4 meet opportunities in the Spring months.  It also helps prepare the athletes for either Xcel Team or Junior Olympic Team.  

Tramp/Tumbling Class:  This class is designed to work beginner through advanced tumbling and trampoline skills for both boys and girls.  This class is great for cheerleaders as well as divers who need a little work on form.

Cheer Prep:  This class is designed to work on tumbling, jumps, motions and techniques to prepare girls for cheer-leading teams in the future.  

Gym Fit Ninja:  Test your strength, agility and speed through strategically placed obstacles.

Team Program:  This program builds upon our 43 years of competitive excellence. C.R.A.G. athletes compete in Junior Olympic levels 3-10 and Xcel levels Silver-Diamond.  All children compete at a level suitable for their ability and desired approach to the sport.
Our coaches and instructors have been background checked and are certified through 

USA Gymnastics 
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