Family Tuition Discounts

Discounts are available for families with three or more children enrolled in classes.  Additional details are available from CRAG Staff. 
Payment Schedule 
School Year 2018-2019

Payment is due within the weeks listed below.  Any payment not made within the listed weeks will be assessed an administrative fee of $10.00. 

*Summer 3 is a 3 week payment.
**School Year 1 is a 5 week payment.

Check, Cash or ACH Accepted

​"We all want to help our daughters grow up to be physically and mentally healthy and to give them greater odds of success later in life...sign them up for that has been proven to produce healthy and fit girls with high self-esteem and mental toughness."  Gymnastics HQ

Gymnastics helps children of all ages grow strong, become flexible, learn patience and perseverance. The article 17 Reasons Why You Should Sign Your Daughter Up for Gymnastics Classes details how gymnastics positively impacts young girls now and for their lifetime.  
**School Year 1 August 20
School Year 2 September 24
School Year 3 October 22
School Year 4 November 19
School Year 5 December 17
School Year 6 January 14, 2019
School Year 7 February 11
School Year 8 March 11
School Year 9 April 8
School Year 10 May 6
Summer 1 June 3
Summer 2 July 1
*Summer 3 June 29
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