Payment Schedule 

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Family Tuition Discounts

Discounts are available for families with three or more children enrolled in classes.  Additional details are available from CRAG Staff. 
Payment Schedule 
2015-2016 School Year
Payment is due within the weeks listed below.  Any payment not made within the listed weeks will be assessed an administrative fee of $10.00. 

**Payment 1 is a 5 week payment

Payment 1August 24, 2015 **Payment 6January 18, 2016
Payment 2September 28, 2015Payment 7February 15, 2016
Payment 3October 26, 2015Payment 8March 14, 2016
Payment 4November 23, 2015Payment 9April 11, 2016
Payment 5December 21, 2015Payment 10May 9, 2016
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